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  • russian girls names

    Polina, 29 y.o.
    from Russia

  • russian names for girls

    Tanya, 26 y.o.
    from Ukraine

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    Kseniya, 23 y.o.
    from Russia

Do you know what to name your baby? How about Natasha that is a nice name but I bet you didn’t know that it is one of the most popular Russian girls names. There are so many Russian girls names out here when a women is haven a baby girl the name that she choose may be a Russian girl name let’s say you want to name her Olya that is a pretty name it’s a Russian and it means light. Russian girls names can be look up in a baby book or you can look on any web site that deals with Russian girls names. There name are unique and they always have a meaning behind their name There are also celebrities that came from Russia and their names are Anna. Anna is a famous name there was a poet that has this name if you was to take a trip to Russia or you can even look up on any website you will be able to see how many famous Russian that comes from Russia. Russia is a beautify place to it has many beautify buildings that you can go in and see how about this when going to see a ballet many of the dancer come from Russia. I n the world today there are so many kids that have Russia names and as they get older and want to know what their name means they are surprise to see that there name comes from Russia.
Russian girls names there are games on the web that has Russian girls names and now they are doing crotons to.

What you can do is make list of names and find out if they are Russian girls names and find out what the meaning of that name is Russian Names consist of a first name, a middle name. You may when you choose you kids name you may want truly thank about it because whatever name that you pick for her it will be with her for the rest of their life. With every Russian name it has a meaning that tells you about all kinds of different emotions. To understand what their name you should look it up in a Russian dictionary. This may help you when choosing your child names.
The tradition of celebrating names in these times in Russian goes as far back as the turn of century on this day the parent went to the church with their family they would, put candles around for the people. And then in the evening the family gathered around at a table given your child a name was more important than a birthday. A name was given to a child at christening. In the old tradition the choice of a name was limited by names of Saints who was born on that day. They celebrated this day, it was concert a special because a new life was born back in those time people did things a lot different than they do in today’s time. With so many beautiful Russian girls names to choose from, you should find your baby’s name easily.

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