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When you go to meet a Russian girl in her own country, it is important that you know some of the Russian customs. This means that you know about the country’s etiquette when you are going to meet her for the first time. When you do this for a Russian girl, you are showing that you want to know about her and that you value the country which she was raised in just as she should value the country you are from.
The first thing to understand is what you should do when you first meet her. This means that you should go about to give her a confident handshake as you tell who you are. When you meet a Russian girl and when you do this, you should also go about to make sure that you keep eye contact. Be proud to be meeting her.
Another thing when you go to meet a Russian girl is to understand what she might do in return. She considers you a friend as you have been chatting for quite a while now. When females in this country go to meet a friend they might kiss each cheek starting with the left and do this three times. It is a form of a greeting.
When you are looking at other customs to know about when you go to meet a Russian girl, then one of the next ones would be the name.

When they meet you and you meet her, she might use the whole name. This is custom to do in her country and you should do the same when you first meet until she tells you otherwise.
When you go to the home of a Russian girl, you are to bring a gift. This is true in most countries so you might be used to it. Being a guy, you are mostly expected to bring flowers. The one thing to remember when you are picking the bouquet is not to give yellow flowers. One of the other things that you will find is that when you bring a small gift, the normal reaction would be for them to deny the gift. Then, this is when you tell them that it was no trouble at all and try to offer the gift again.
One of the last tips we have about the culture is that you should know how to dine with a Russian girl in her own country. The first thing you will find is that you are to arrive on time. If you cannot be there on time then you cannot be anymore than fifteen minutes late. When you get there, you need to take off your shoes. When you dress to go to the home of a Russian girl for dinner, you need to dress business casual. You must also ask if any help is needed. This is just overall polite. These are some things to remember when in the home of a Russian girl as per her customs.

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